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I've a 98 Mustang V6. It's got a fluid leak, but I'm undecided if It can be from excessive oil, or if it's the transmission leaking. It does manage to hesitate when switching gears; Furthermore, it includes a lag when modifying gears.

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I have a 2009 Kia Sportage 4X4. I recognized a leak during the back again in between The 2 back again wheels in the center. What is usually that leak?

Your Hyundai should not be modified in any way. This kind of modifications could adversely have an affect on the general performance, safety or sturdiness of your Hyundai and may, Also, violate problems of the restricted warranties masking the automobile.

I do not have a car but this short article is so informative! Generally I saw you have been featured over the Hubpages homepage and I thought of dropping by to mention nicely done!

Will not eliminate the radiator cap on the incredibly hot engine. It could blow incredibly hot coolant or steam into your face and result in severe burns

Do you think you're positive It is really oil and never drinking water draining through the AC evaporator ? The drain is situated immediately under the passengers footwell under the auto.

It isn't the radiator. It is the heater Main, which heats up your vehicle. It needs to get replaced (or repaired). But initial You need to just take it out, which is often a long task. You can do it your self if you are helpful with machinery, if not get an experienced to fix it.

This took some outings to the dealership. They are really working with me well,but I wish to understand what your view is on what this fluid can be and where it may be coming from.It is got an oily-ish feel, no serious smell and the colour is a lightweight brown to me. The man for the dealership is a bit stumped and has prepared up to be a fluid leak this time rather than a power steering fluid leak because he thinks if it had been the ability steering fluid, the substitute from the pump and hose might have mounted the problem. But the issue persists. Any Tips? Many thanks for your time and energy high any

Only for speedy reference, brake fluid shade is clear to amber, and smells like fish oil; when you doubt me, go ahead and take cap off the brake fluid reservoir and sniff the cap.

Use an egg to seal a leaky radiator. Eggs are certainly not a superb long-term solution, Nevertheless they can Click For MORE in fact seal pinhole leaks within your radiator right until you have the ability to have it appropriately repaired. Start out by separating the egg yolks with the whites. Discard the whites, then set the yolks from 3 or 4 eggs into your coolant method from the radiator cap.

The cost will differ some to have it repaired in a shop. The motor vehicle calendar year and whgat Portion of the place you can be found on will change the price some but you can be expecting to pay all-around $650 – $900.

If the light stays on entirely driven to your Hyundai vendor for inspection. WARNING: although the motor is working, there is a malfunc-...

If it's the radiator is could get pricy, if It is only a line It might be a whole lot a lot less. Continue to keep me posted on what you discover out, and In case you have far more issues, I'll be proper here :)

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